Last Wednesday’s social calendar brought me to Temple Mishkan Tefila in Chestnut Hill where I was honored, alongside the Massachusetts Champion Newton South East Little League. After an intimate reception with some of the event sponsor’s, and a lot of hand shakes and smiles, dinner and a program took place in the temple’s beautiful sanctuary. I gladly assisted in handing out trophies to the Little Leaguers, and finally interacted with a team on which I would not have been the smallest player. I would not have been the tallest either, but middle of the road is all I strive for these days. Guests were treated to ball park treats – hot dogs, burgers, popcorn, and soft drinks as they per used a silent auction. After an incredibly complimentary introduction and brief video detailing my Strike 3 Foundation, I accepted the temple’s Distinguished Service Award. I used my time as an opportunity to recount a couple of stories about my big league career, my experiences with the 2013 World Champion Red Sox, and the work of my Strike 3 Foundation. I closed by urging the audience, young and old, to find a cause about which they feel passionate and donate some asset to it; time, service, expertise, or money. Finally, I graciously accepted a number of gifts including an honorary membership to the temple, a beautiful mezuzah, a uniform and open invitation to the synagogue’s softball team, and an incredibly generous donation to Strike 3 for $10,000. Many thanks to Chuck Diamond and all of the people who helped ensure the success of the evening.

Newton LL


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