“Commuter-ty” Service

The upcoming week makes for perfect blogging fodder, considering I set out to elucidate the philanthropic and off field endeavors of many professional athletes.  My schedule reads something like this:  Monday evening – Memorial celebration for Michael Weiner, former executive director of the MLBPA, brilliant man, devoted husband and father, and genuine and sincere friend, Tuesday evening – roundtable discussion with John Farrell, Ben Cherington, Mike Hazen, Ben Crockett, and Bob Ryan, moderated by Peter Gammons, and benefitting the Foundation to be Named Later, Wednesday evening I will be receiving a Distinguished Service Award from Temple Mishkan Tefila, with proceeds from the celebratory dinner benefitting my Strike 3 Foundation, Thursday evening I will humbly accept a pair of awards at the BBWAA – Boston Chapter dinner.  I’ll use Friday to catch my breath, before heading to New York for Saturday’s BBWAA – New York Chapter Awards Dinner.  I have the distinct honor of representing the Red Sox at this prestigious event.  I will head back to Massachusetts on Sunday to speak to the student athletes of Amherst’s LEADS program.  Finally, on Monday, I will travel to my alma mater to speak with members of the Yale Law School.  Whew.  I share this information for neither sympathy nor praise but simply to illustrate that a) our off seasons are pretty busy and b) we understand the importance of being visible and responsible figures in our communities.  This snapshot is a bit misrepresentative of an entire off-season, but for my teammates, the willingness to participate in local events and to support local causes is not.   I look forward to recapping the week, event by event.

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